free online greeting mother's day's card : the dark side of the rabbit

Here's that free online greeting card you've been looking for : a nice animation to send to your beloved mother for mother's day. Of course, it's not a "state of the art" free online greeting card, but something more subtle, more... rabbitish... I think we can say that in the tough world of free online greeting cards, this online greeting card is a very special one, one you'll cherish at least forty seconds (which is the time you need to read this).
Of course, if your mother hasn't internet or an e-mail, what you can do is copy her online gift on some cardboard, put a stamp, and send it to wherever she lives... There won't be any miracles (I know how you're drawing) but at least you will have tried.
And let's be real for a minute : not having an email in the 21 century IS looking for trouble...

yeepee yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy mother's day, mommy !! Here's a nice gift for you !! A free online card ! But you know me mom, I can't save internet files (too difficult) and I can't send an email with a joined file anyway (that's impossible for a normal person !) so what I do is I think very hard that I send you this and you're happy, mom.
My pleasure, mom, my pleasure.

Well well well, I think that's it ! Done ! Let's get back to the comic strip, now !

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