the rabbit's project

the rabbit's project was brought to us in an enveloppe.
All we got is that diaporama you'll be watching and a note with something on it that looked like a poem ?
These clues tell us this guy was some sort of a maniac, with project management tendancies.
The "meeting" word is frequently pronounced, which is a sign that the guy had a lot of time on his hands...

Wether it was an ingeneering project or a construction project is not very clear, but what is sure is that it was some of those funny project they show people in mad houses.
So we called it the "mad project", and began cross managing stuff.
Beware, it's contagious.

The poem went like this :

before it was not such a big compagny
people used to avoid them,
they all worked alone in their dim offices
the competition laughed at them
then the boss said : we must reorganize

he was a castout, nobody liked him
most didn't even know he existed
he was really stinking under the armpits
so they made him project rabbit

he put his office lights back on
screamed (it was so bright, aaaargh, the light !!)
he found some paper, two scissors and a old paper clip
there he is now ready for that project stuff
he needs things, like that new computer crap
and some powerpoint slides
so he goes to the staff store
but it's closed - damnit !!!

s project rabbit is sulking, everybody hates him
since that stupid idea stuff of the other day
but he doesn't care, he's got the founding,
he takes refuge in the toilets with all the money
but he holds back, he's not here to shit

the boss is a little worried
nobody knows where the toilets key is
it's really stinking in there now
by jove, he peed on the budget !!

they had to call the police
in the toilet by force they entered
and they found lots of rabbit's
management's rabbit, internal consultant rabbit,
organization chart rabbit, and five reorganization rabbits...
all dead and decayed for years

they never found rabbit project
he ran away thru the U-bend
and even if he drowned
(which would explain why the toilets are blocked up)
everybody thinks he's happy anywhere else
(but nobody really cares)

the moral of that story
is we must reorganize again

Hey, is it true that if I subscribe !! to the rabbit, I get a funny quote and a comic strip a day ?