suscribe to rabbit

To is to get one episode of the comic strip and one new false quotation everyday from monday to friday in your mailbox, no advertising, no spam or anything.

How to subscribe

You just send a mail to joinator and in the text you put the exact address where you want to receive them, (only if it's different from the adress you're using to send the mail).
And that's it, plain and simple, nothing more.

It's always a small file, 80 to 100 Ko,
that can fit in any mail box. Why is that free ? Is there a trick ?
Well, the author gets to publish his work every day, he as an audience, and he is just happy this way.
Of course, he plans to become a millionaire in a few years, but the strip will always remain free.
You will receive your first episode the next morning after you asked.
Clic here to suscribe.

Why should I subscribe ?

The subscriber rules

So :

To unsubscribe

Of course, you can change your mind anytime, just by sending a nice mail to the unsunscribe guy, unjoinator in person... and tell him to please, stop it !
And he will stop it instantly (or the next day).
Is that a perfect world or what ?

They testify :

please subscribe me
i am crying from laughing and in need of both, many thanks, whoever of critters you be


yeah yeah yeah

ribbit! ribbit! no im not a frog, although i could be.....
but u know what?! RABiTT. thats all i have to say.

Mr. Joinator, please send me Rabbit. He is my hero. Yes, thank you.

Wof├╝r halten Sie mich??

wish to get the daily quotes.

and i'd like to receive the daily strip also


Please include my name in the subscriber's list. I hope subscribing to
this does not have any hidden costs..


No, it hasn't, Sunil

I love your rabbit! He keeps me sane~~sort of.
Please send me his daily doings.


hey man..
love yer site. would like to recieve dailys.
email them to [adress hidden]
ty and keep up the good work!

I guess you can add another subscriber to your 500+ list, now...
just send them at this adress here, at [adress hidden]
Have a great day !

- Rao!

It's 700+ now...

I wants some rabbit...please send the stripy thing to my email (this one) [adress hidden]
I swear I rock enough to get the strip :)

This is my signature.....check out my website if you're really bored...
whenever I paint something new I put it up there.
Now for a quote...
"I've got lots of popsicles in the freezer and I'm going to eat every one"

Heather L. White

I would like to subscribe, but can you please send it to [adress hidden].
thank-you very much and i hope to get a email soon.

Give me some rabbit!
Please and thank you.


Ирина Хакамада шла на выборы президента,
чтобы показать,
что в России есть умные люди.
Набрав 3.9%, она тем
самым показала,
что в России
96.1% умных людей.

Это письмо послано Вам посетителем сайта
"Анекдоты из России"

Give me some rabbit man !
[adress hidden]


Look how happy they are !
Look how happy I am !
So, who knows... Maybe you qualify for subscribing...

Thank you rabbit !!!

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